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Non c'erano fiori 

di Arianna Galli

Non c'erano fiori, the first poetry book by Arianna Galli, combines a deep musicality and sensuality with the desire to overcome the tragic event that changed forever the life of the protagonist

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My Book: Work

The publishing house

Giuliano Ladolfi Editore is an Italian niche publishing house famous for having discovered some of the greatest talents on the current Italian poetry scene and for its prestigious poetry magazine  Atelier. 

It has received praise from newspapers such as the Sunday insert of 'Sole-24Ore', 'Il Giornale', 'Avvenire', and 'La Nazione', not to mention numerous and repeated expressions of esteem from local newspapers in various parts of Italy.

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Book Reception 

The book has been well received by sales and the public as well as critics: it has been mentioned in Italy's best poetry magazines and newspapers, including: Corriere della sera, Interno Poesia, Alma Poesia, magazine '900 letterario.

The author was also interviewed about the book for 'Il Giovane', the official publication of the 'Youth Movement' and in an episode of the Spotify series of the literary magazine 'Retroguardia', literary critic Francesco Sasso recites and comments on a poem from the collection. 

Poems from the collection have also been translated into Spanish and Portuguese for local poetry magazines.

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