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The Desert of Milan 

Edizioni Ensemble (Italian - English Edition)

by Arianna Galli

Love, humanity, life. The story unfolds like the scenes of a movie, with the backdrop of Milan reduced to a desert by the pandemic, only to be resurrected; a Milan that can never deny its elegant beauty and in which fashion, its worldwide symbol, becomes an objective correlative of humanity in its strenght, its creativity, and its dreams

The book has been both a critics and public success. Poems from the book have been published on Interno Poesia, Atelier Poesia and the paper edition of La Repubblica. It has been translated to French for magazine Revue Incertain Regard. It has been presented in Sirmione for celebrating Maria Callas birth anniversary in a event organized by Comune di Sirmione and Pro Loco Sirmione

Previous book:

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Non c'erano fiori, the first poetry book by Arianna Galli, combines a deep musicality and sensuality with the desire to overcome the tragic event that changed forever the life of the protagonist

The book is available on Amazon , Giuliano Ladolfi Editore , Mondadori , Feltrinelli ,  LibraccioRizzoli ,  IBS

The book has been a public and critical success: it has been mentioned in Italy's best poetry magazines and newspapers, including: Corriere della sera, Interno Poesia, Alma Poesia, magazine '900 Letterario. It has been translated into Spanish and Portoguese for local prominent local magazines and it has appeared on an episode of the Spotify series of the literary magazine Retroguardia.​

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